Stripe Design Horizontal Cash Envelopes (Printable)

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A fun way to make budgeting more enjoyable! Use these six beautiful cash evenlopes for your variable budget categories, gift money, sinking funds, or simply to help control your budget.

This cute stripe design includes six different colors to make it easy to organize various budget categories.

The cash envelope system or using the cashless envelope method is simple, easy to use, and can be a highly-effective way to prevent overspending.

The envelope category is left blank so you can use them for any budget category or sinking fund you wish. 

There is a handy spending log located on the back of each envelope to help you track and monitor your daily spending. 

How to use: Download and print at home. You can check out this posts here on how I use the cash envelope system without cash.

You will need scissors to cut out the cash envelope template and glue (or tape) to put your cash envelope together.

What you will receive: Includes 1 digital downloadable file (PDF) that you can print at home. This printable includes six envelope templates. It also includes instructions on how to fold and put together your cash envelopes. 

Each envelope is approximately 7 inches by 3.5 inches. It fits in most wallets or planners and is perfect for USD or CAD bills. I recommend using card stock paper when printing your envelopes. This is more durable than regular paper. 

*This is an instant digital download (PDF). Nothing will be shipped. You will be able download it instantly and print it at home after purchasing.

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