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An e-book for women who want to get better mileage from their wardrobe and take back control of their money.

*Freedom From Shopping includes 3 files: The Freedom From Shopping e-book (9 Chapters), the Freedom From Shopping Workbook (26 pages), and the Freedom From Shopping Workbook Guide (29 pages) to help you get the most value from this e-book.

Hey girl! Does any of this sound familiar?

Opening your closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear.

Your closet is jam packed with items that you thought you wanted and needed, but you find yourself wearing less and less of your wardrobe. You're always shopping and buying more great pieces, but it feels like you never have enough.

Spending hours browsing online stores and feeling like you can't stop.

You're constantly scrolling through sale sections online or looking up different styles. You know it's a waste of time, but you can't seem to stop. You've tried to find other productive things to do, but always go back to shopping.

Buying clothes that you think you'll wear, but they end up collecting dust.

You fantasize about what clothes you would need to wear for your desired lifestyle activities, such as buying a cute dress to go for brunch. But then when you buy the product, it sits untouched in your closet because it doesn't bring the "joy" that you anticipated. Instead of buying clothes that are practical for your lifestyle, you buy for your fantasy life.

Feeling frustrated about your finances.

You've tried to talk to others about your shopping behavior, but no one seems to understand. Your shopping habits have made it difficult to save money or have led to debt. You want to take back control of your money, but you can't seem to stop impulse spending.

You can justify any purchase, even if you don't need it.

You're tired of buying things on autopilot, then realizing later how much damage has been done. Deep down you want to feel good about your shopping habits, your clothing, your finances, and most importantly -- you want to feel good about yourself. You want to start living a more meaningful and intentional life, but that's not what's happening right now.

If ANY of these sound familiar, you're in the right place, my friend.

I get it. I've been there.

I used to indulge in retail therapy often and believed I could never have enough clothes. Now saving money and getting more mileage from my wardrobe is easy for me because I have healthy shopping habits.

I can help you make this change in your life, too.

In Freedom From Shopping, I'll show you how to go from spender to saver, so you can live the life you've always wanted.

I know what it's like to...

  • Feel like you're always buying new clothes but have nothing to wear.
  • Have 50+ tabs open on your browser in search of that next item to buy.
  • Get excited about a new purchase, but it ends up sitting in your closet unworn with the price tags still attached

And I also know what it's like to...

Stop the mindless cycle of buy-buy-buy.

Have you ever gotten excited about the thought of buying something new, such as a cute dress or beautiful handbag? You daydream about how happy you'll be once you get that item. But when you finally purchase that dress or handbag, your happiness is short-lived. The new wears off quickly and you've moved onto wanting something else which you think is going to make you happier. This e-book will teach you how to get off the hamster wheel of mindless shopping so you can make better purchase decisions.

Build a wardrobe that reflects your lifestyle and makes you happy.

You get a rush of excitement when you shop and buy something new. But that feeling quickly disappears and you're left feeling guilty about your purchases again. Imagine a life where you come home and feel good about your shopping, your wardrobe, your wallet, and yourself. This e-book teaches you how to shop with intention so you can feel good about your spending habits.

Wake up in the morning feeling excited to get dressed.

You have a closet full of clothes, but you constantly feel uninspired and bored with your wardrobe. No matter how much you shop and buy new things, it feels like there's never enough. This e-book will teach you the #1 reason why it feels like you have nothing to wear. I'll show you how to stop feeling stressed when opening your closet and exactly how to build a wardrobe that represents you and your lifestyle.

Resist the temptation to make another impulse purchase.

For some reason, your mind gets fixated on things and you become obsessed until you finally buy it! It's easy for you to justify your purchases, but you feel frustrated that you have little control over your shopping habit. This e-book will show you how to identify and understand your shopping triggers. I'll also share simple and effective strategies to help you shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance with shopping so you can stop impulse spending.

Live a life free from credit card debt.

You love shopping and may even consider it a hobby. But it's eating up your time, money, and sanity. You know you need to find something more productive to do, but you don't. This e-book will help you create a realistic budget that's tailored to your lifestyle and goals. I'll show you how to go from spender to saver and develop a healthy relationship with shopping.

This e-book includes a FREE 26-page workbook to help you go from spender to saver and start living the life you've always wanted.

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